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About Us

Focused on food from the start.
Now, the world's largest collection of food images and media.

StockFood is the world’s leading food specialist among media agencies. We provide creative professionals with the most wide-ranging, high-quality collection of food images and videos available anywhere. Our offerings also include feature articles with images and text, and recipes in several languages.

Food Photography since 1979

Founded in Munich, Germany by photographer Pete A. Eising, StockFood specialized in the art of food from the very beginning. In addition to a renowned food photography studio, Studio Eising, the company initially offered exclusively Rights-managed images. In 2002 the offering was expanded to include Royalty-free images, and in 2008 videos were added, together with an in-house production studio. In 2011, features – complete articles including images and text – became available too. Today, an in-house editorial team can supply appropriate text for all images, videos, feature articles and recipes.

Whether modern, classical, conceptual, artistic or extravagant – content and productions by StockFood can be found today in high-quality print publications, mobile apps, advertisements, books and calendars worldwide.

Present and connected worldwide

In addition to the Munich headquarters, sales offices were founded in Kennebunk, Maine (USA) in 1996 and in London, England (UK) in 2007. Worldwide StockFood has approximately 60 employees, 45 of whom are based at headquarters. In addition to these three main offices, our collections are visible in over 50 additional countries thanks to a wide international distribution network.

StockFood belongs to national and international organizations, including:

StockFood offices
StockFood GmbH (Munich, Germany)
StockFood America, Inc. (Kennebunk, ME, USA)
StockFood Ltd. (London, UK)

A Company of the CulinArts Group

StockFood has been a private company since it was established, and is a part of the CulinArts Holding Group. The Group brings together under one roof several specialist companies, which all feature high-quality media content and products in the topics of food and lifestyle:

Eising Studio – one of the best known international studios for food photography and videos
FoodCollection – the most extensive collection of Royalty-free food and beverage images
CulinartMedia – corporate publishing for B2B customers within the food industry
icook2day – specialist producer of culinary mobile apps and eBooks for consumers
living4media – the international premium photo agency for lifestyle and home

The individual companies and products work well together and in addition to supplying individual content, the CulinArts Group as a whole can act as a full-service provider from one single source. Customers of CulinArts Group use our versatile, consistent, well-polished offering of image, video and text elements to design, shape, publish and perfect their projects.